Detonation Dance 2016

Detonation Dance 2016


April 22nd, 2016

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Detonation is a supersonic, exothermic front that accelerates through a medium that eventually drives a shock front to propagate directly in front of it.

This will be our 5th year anniversary and we do hope that you can join us back at the Manchester Airport Hilton Hotel.

You’ll have an amazing weekend of music and dancing with friends.

Event features
-WSDC Newcomer-Advanced/Allstar Points Registry Event
-3 Levels and over 25 hours of WCS workshops
-Thursday night Pre-Party
-Late Late night Pro Demo
-Saturday night theme Graffitti Party
-Jackpot & Jill – Friday night
-Strictly’s on Sunday
-Project Swing for new dancers

Teaching Staff Include
Kyle Redd & Sarah Vann Drake
Sean McKeever & Courtney Adair
Paul Warden & Melanie Boyle
Coleen Man
Glenn Ball

Piotr Lenart
Richard James
Sean McKeever
Phil Greenall

Event Directors
Lee Easton & Fabienne HenshallDetonationDance

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